At Kinderstartin' Preschool we realize that a child’s early years build the foundation for their lifetime pursuit of a happy, successful life. From birth to the age of five, every waking moment of a child’s life is an unprecedented opportunity to have experiences so valuable they will last their lifetime. To see through a child’s eyes is to witness how truly amazing it is to be alive, and to learn, grow and share.

A child’s ability to experience life and learn at an incredible rate can be labeled as nothing other than the child genius. Every child has this inside of them. We must allow it to flourish.

At Kinderstartin' Preschool, the nurturing of this genius is invaluable and as expected as breathing and smiling. To learn as a child is organic. It is natural and instinctive. For a child, every experience is an opportunity to learn how to be confident, competent humans. Children must be provided the opportunity to learn naturally, organically. The incorporation of the arts, music, science, mathematics and language, cooking and nurturing provides our children with an empowered relationship with the world around them.

By creating a curriculum that focuses on exploration, discovery and exciting adventures, children are prepared to learn as they learn best . . . by the joy of experience itself. Within this unique curriculum that recognizes the learning capabilities and requirements of the child genius, we ensure that each child and their parents are prepared to exceed the social and academic requirements for his or her education.

We incorporate valuable lessons into every experience. Every experience – no matter how insignificant to adults – is an opportunity to acquire mathematical, logic, communication, artistic, musical and social skills. Although children need a predictable routine – everything, including this must be designed to be flexible according to the individual child’s needs while providing for the overall well-being of the group. Above all, a child must be a child!

Children are our most precious gifts, and must be loved, nurtured and challenged in a way that builds a strong self-image and fosters self-esteem through accomplishment and self-recognition. When we perform our tasks properly, teachers establish relationships with the children in our care that make “our” children feel safe, secure and confident in our love for them – which is essential to every child’s well being.

We are building both the child’s and parent’s desire to learn for the sake of learning, thus elevating our standards for education itself. A deeply instilled knowledge of the value of life and highly developed social and leadership skills are irreplaceable.

At Kinderstartin' Preschool, our desire is for your child to develop and maintain a strong sense of self, and love for life, and others. By incorporating a strong sense of family and the child-teacher relationship - both at home and during their time here – together, we can create a foundation that will ensure that our children are prepared to thrive as confident, intelligent, socially aware leaders of society.

Remember that your child is always an important individual in our program. With that in mind, you as a parent are the first and most powerful teacher in their lives. With your help, we will embark on an adventure whose challenges, experiences and joyous accomplishments will last a lifetime!