We welcome you and your child to Kinder-Startin' Pre-School. Please read the operating procedures here as well as notes and newsletters that we may send from time to time.

Kinderstartin' Preschool, opened in February of 1988, is committed to providing the best in child care and preparation for your child’s school years. We encourage your suggestions, comments, and constructive criticisms as well as your moral support.


All Kinderstartin' staff meets or exceeds the state requirements for their position, and are registered with the Community Care Licensing Department of the State of California.


We believe:

· That a pre-school should be a safe, loving environment that children look forward to attending.

· Each child is a unique individual and we should appreciate and respect those differences.

· A comprehensive child development program for children enhances every individual's potential to develop to his/her capacity.


Our goal is to provide an environment which fosters creativity, responsibility, and independence; one that provides a comprehensive child-development program.

A comprehensive child development program provides opportunities for the child to become a healthy, happy learner through interaction with peers in a positive, secure atmosphere. This comprehensive program is provided through the following component services:

Goals for Social Development:

· Creating friendships with children their own age.

· Achieving a balance between spontaneous behavior and obedience to social standards.

· Providing positive and trusting experiences in working with adults.

· Goals for Intellectual Development:

· Encouraging curiosity and creative thinking. Build listening and communication skills.

· Providing an experience for learning in a planned program.

· Broadening the child's horizon beyond the home through varied experiences.

Goals for Physical Development:

· Building good health habits and attitudes.

· Training independence in physical development; developing motor coordination.

· Becoming aware of physical abilities and limitations.

Goals for Emotional Development

· Developing self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-discipline. Helping the child feel that he/she is accepted by others. Channeling inner destructive impulses into positive responses.

Goals for Nutrition and Health

· Helping the child know about a variety of foods.

· Learning to classify foods into the food groups of fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, bread and cereal. Learning to recognize that some foods are needed for growth and health.

· To know the sources of some foods and that they can be prepared in different ways.

· Developing good health habits.

Admission Policies:

Kinder-Startin' Pre-School welcomes all children regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry or sex, who are 2 years old and potty trained, through Kindergarten age. Admission is based on space-availability and agreement by staff and parents that the child is ready and will benefit from our program.

Parents wishing to enroll their child should complete the following simple process:

1. Call in and schedule a tour with the director. During the tour, parents can observe a class in progress, which will help to decide whether this program is what they desire for their child. This observation will help answer some questions that can be addressed at the meeting with the director.

2. Parents will be provided with enrollment paper work during their tour with the director. 

3. Parents complete the enrollment application(and related documents) and return it with an annual, non-refundable registration fee of $50.00.($35.00 for after school program).  

4. If space is available, the child is registered in school. The child may begin attending class upon completion of all registration forms.

5. If all classroom spaces are filled, prospective students will be placed on our waiting list, and parents will be notified when space becomes available. Children will be enrolled on a first come-first serve basis.

Withdrawal Procedures:

If your child must be withdrawn from the center, notify the director two weeks before the date of withdrawal.

If your child is withdrawn without notification, the tuition is considered forfeited.


The center reserves the right to terminate any child's enrollment any time for any reason. Tuition in such a situation will be refunded proportionally. We reserve the right to terminate your child from our facility at any time for any reason or on the basis of the following:

1. Non fulfillment of pre-school contract.

2. Abusive contract hours.

3. Excessive behavior problems.

4. Program not benefiting the child.

5. Non-payment of tuition.

6. Continuous Late Payments. 

Yearly Schedule & Holidays

Kinder-Startin' is open twelve months a year, and observes the following holidays: New Years Day, President's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day & following day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.


The tuition at Kinder-Startin' is payable biweekly. Payment is considered delinquent if not paid within 3 days after the due date. A $10.00 late fee will be added for delinquent payment for each due date. An account with a balance carried into a new month will be charged a $25.00 late fee in addition to other late fees and child care will be terminated until payment in full is made. Delinquent accounts will be sent to collection. The school depends on each month's tuition to pay its current expenses. We regret that we are unable to adjust tuition (no deductions or refunds) or substitute one class time for another in order to accommodate your child's illnesses.

Each child enrolled the entire year is entitled to a 1 week vacation credit per year.

Tuition Rates:

· Full Time Tuition (eight to ten hours five days a week): $125.00 per week.

· Full Day / Part Time: $26.00 per day

· AM or PM: $20.00 per day

· After-School Rate (age 1st- 6th grade) $16.00

· The above rates are for pre-subscribed days only. For additional days of "drop-ins" there will be an additional $.50 billing charge per day.

Your child's contracted time allows 15 minutes before and after for leaving and picking him/her up. An additional late fee will be charged at the rate of $5.00 per five minutes, which will be debited to your account.

If the scheduling does not meet your childcare needs, please feel free to communicate. We will try to work out a suitable schedule.

The enrollment fee is $50.00 per child. The after school fee is $35.00.

Rates printed here may be subject to change during the school year.


Billing and payment policies

You will receive a statement 7 days before the due date, for the days your child is enrolled. Please check this statement to make sure it is accurate. Parents pay their bill on the Brightwheel website. Checks should be made payable to Kinder-Startin' Pre-School. There will be an additional fee of $15.00 for all returned checks. We also a $10 per month discount if you enroll in Autopay through Brightwheel.


In order to run an efficient pre-school, it must be properly staffed at all times. Because of this, the teachers' scheduling is done according to the days you subscribe to and not on the actual hours of attendance. Payment is due if you agreed to use certain days whether or not the child attends during those hours. Also, there will be no credit given in tuition for holidays that the pre-school is closed.


We will assist in the necessary escorting of children from Linwood Elementary School who are attending Kindergarten.