Parents wishing to enroll their child should complete the following procedures:

1. Parents observe a class in progress, which will help to decide whether this program is what they desire for their child. This observation will help answer some questions that can be addressed at the meeting with the director.

2. Parents arrange a meeting with the director (with child). At which time, the parent can observe their child in the classroom and discuss the program with the director.

3. Parents complete an application and return it with an annual, non-refundable registration fee of $50.00.($35.00 for after school program) In case of re-enrollment during the year an additional registration fee will be required.

4. If space is available, the child is registered in school. The child may begin attending class upon completion of all registration forms.

5. If all classroom spaces are filled, prospective students will be placed on our waiting list, and parents will be notified when space becomes available. Children will be enrolled on a first come-first serve basis.